Realize the Financial Benefits of Managed Rental vs. Leasing

There are numerous financial benefits from renting a phone system versus leasing one. Review the following comparisons and see for yourself!

Managed Rental: When you are under managed rental, you can get out of your contract in 90 days. There is no risk that you may have purchased a system that you will out grow or will not meet your future needs

Leasing equipment requires the Lessee to be responsible for the entire term of the equipment lease.
Managed Rental: CSI’s Managed Rental, is a pure operating expense to you. You are getting the functionality that you need to run your business without having to track the asset.
Lease: Equipment Lessees are responsible for tracking the asset through its entire lease. Only 90% of a Lease is written off as an operating expense (you should speak with your accountant on this matter) and this must be tracked by the Lessee.
Managed Rental: With CSI’s Managed Rental program, the burden of maintenance, interest, taxes and insurance is managed by CSI. Lease: The Lessee of equipment must manage all maintenance costs, and insurance
Managed Rental: The end user transfers all risk of obsolescence to CSI since there is no obligation to own equipment at the end of the Managed Rental.
Lease: The Lessee bears all the risk of premature equipment Obsolescence.
Managed Rental: CSI provides the network for local and long distance, so there is never any finger pointing. CSI provides you with the service you want, without having to manage the process yourself. Lease: If you have a network from one company and the system from another, when there are interoperability issues, there will be finger pointing and your business will suffer.
Managed Rental: Renting usually has a lower impact on Lease flow due to lower payments when there is a down turn in the number of employees/telephones. Lease: Leasing equipment has a greater, immediate impact on Cash flow. If you add additional equipment to the lease, you will have to continue to pay for it through the term of the lease, whether you us it or not.

How Much Can You Really Save?
Consider this example....

The following is a sample case study between purchasing a new phone system and a managed rental system. For purposes of this model, the system includes the following:

• A Nortel Meridian system
• 80 Voicemail Boxes
• 60 Digital Telephones • Unlimited Voice Menus
• 8 Analog Phones • End User Training