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CSI is proud to represent some of the top names in the telecom industry.

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The following is a breakdown of these products and a short list of features:

Whether you need to grow your solution to encompass more employees, or implement new technology to improve efficiency and remain competitive, Toshiba's Strata CIX solutions ensure that your businesses growth can be easily and cost-effectively reflected in your communication solution.

Designed with built-in scalability and upgrade paths, our Strata CIX platforms use common parts, ensuring that your investment is protected, and allowing easy migration to new technologies when the time is right for your business.

All Strata CIX systems provide common functionality, which allows organizations to enjoy the same rich set of features, regardless of their size.

Strata CIX also provides enhanced management information that will help improve performance and operation efficiency. You will be able to evaluate incoming and outgoing call patterns, restrict access to long-distance calls, connect seamlessly to high-speed digital services, and of course take advantage of IP telephony when required.

Nortel Networks Meridian PBX portfolio provides advanced voice features, data connectivity, LAN communications, and CTI services for communication applications ranging from 20 to 16,000 users.

Meridian 1 Option 11C is used for stand-alone or networked sites with expandability from 60 to 800 ports. The Option 11C systems deliver e-Mobility, unified messaging, ISDN networking, and sophisticated call center capabilities. The Meridian 1 Option 11C Mini PBX supports from 60 to 128 ports.

Meridian 1 Option 61C is a carrier platform (200 to 2000 lines) for voice and VoIP communications. Meridian 1 Option 81C is a carrier platform (200 to 16,000 lines) for voice and VoIP communications with advanced voice features, redundant call processing, and a redundant OC-12 internal switching matrix.

Avaya IP Office can easily scale up to 360 endpoints with more than 200 analogue and digital trunks giving small and medium size businesses room to grow. The IP Office platform comprises 4 models:

  • IP Office - Small Office Edition
  • IP403
  • IP406
  • IP412.

The IP403, IP406 and IP412 platforms can have expansion modules added to them to match the requirements of a growing business. The IP Office - Small Office Edition is a compact platform specifically designed to meet the needs of home offices and very small business. In a single unit it provides a PABX with capabilities to support Auto Attendant, Voicemail, broadband access, a wireless access point, and VPN tunnelling. VCM compression is included as standard to support IP extensions or provide IP trunks back to a head office. The IP Office - Small Office Edition supports a maximum of 28 extensions; the IP403 supports a maximum of 100 extensions; the IP406 (V2) supports a maximum of 190 extensions; the IP412 supports a maximum of 360 extensions.

All IP Office models support common software, telephones, and applications. Avaya IP Office delivers full voice functionality with a comprehensive set of features. The system can be configured as a voice-only PBX using traditional circuit-switched lines or as an IP telephony server using high-speed ISDN/PRI dial-up access and/or direct leased line connectivity.